GBYC 1990s - Historical Events and Happenings

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December 1992
Board recommends to membership to approve $15,000 for security gate and fencing for north boundary.

January 1993
Bob Langan, Chief of GB Police, and Ron Shaka, Director of Crime Prevention, recommend not to install a fence along the north side of the club and grounds.  The Board agreed and voted accordingly. 

April 1993
Two new docks were added to the harbor which brings the total number to 84.  The fuel depot note was paid off ending the charge for debt service. GBMSD denied a request for a lease extension of 5 more years.  More to follow. 

May 1993 (supporting minutes needed)
Plans are in place to reside the big Lighthouse on May 8.  Notice is received of the small Lighthouse eviction from USCG property.  "Save the Lighthouse Committee" comes to the rescue. 

Summer 1993 (supporting minutes needed)
Boat damages from Pulliam Plant are being reported and dragging out.  Membership is asked to be patient while working on resolution.

November 1993  (supporting minutes needed)
According to the Dockline newsletter, Bob Haanen seems to be the first operator of recent times to run the TravelLift off the breakwall. 

January 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
Lighthouse movement dilemma on move 10 feet from property line according to the City of Green Bay. 

March 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
The Chit System is born.  Reason: Dues and fee increases are voted down in general meetings.  Chits is a predetermined, minimum spending amount expected of each member over a given period of time.  The purpose is to promote membership involvement, camaraderie, and use of the club and kitchen services. 

May 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
Lighthouse movement dilemma repeated. 

June 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
Harrill's Seal Team and Snorkel Club, Bobby Harrill. 

July 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
Lighthouse move to the slab gets finished.  Once again members report more problems with discoloration on boats and WPS is onsite the same day.  Dock boxes got denied in meeting, but are going to be reconsidered at later date. 

August 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
Following the spotting and discoloration on boats in the harbor, WPS agrees to a compensation plan as a result of a lot of hard work and help George Savage. 

September 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
As another step in funding for Lighthouse maintenance/restoration, a campaign begins.  The "Lighthouse Challenge" is created by Dave Nelson, Don Halron, and Merl Baenen with a $100.00 donation match offer. 

November 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
A future pavillion becomes a reality and is under way as a concrete slab is poured.  More claims are being reviewed as a result of boat staining caused by the WPS stacks on September 7 and 28.  Cleaning reimbursement needs committee approval. 

December 1994 (supporting minutes needed)
New tires are being installed on the "Old Blue" TravelLift.  Decision is made that Chits started this past year, 1994, will continue in 1995.  All checks from WPS are mailed and the same policy will be in effect in 1995 in regards to staining on boats in the harbor. 

January 1995 (supporting minutes needed)
The new year begins with new laws for mandatory recycling, and that includes the club. 

April 1995 (supporting minutes needed)
Discussion and followup of cable TV (? for clubhouse ?) leads to an offer of Cable TV 2-month trial with American Telecasting at $21.95 per month and $30.00 installation. 

May 1995 (supporting minutes needed)
Spotting on boats is back again.  WPS expects to have the problem resolved, meanwhile the reimbursement procedure remains unchanged.  Review of dock box topic leads to decision to NOT allow them due to lack of interest by a majority.  Recognition was given to the Pavillion Project workers for a job well done. 

June 1995 (supporting minutes needed)
It's determined that cable TV antennas won't work due to trees.  ??? HUH. ???

September 1995 (supporting minutes needed)
Venetian night is cancelled due to the small number of interested participants. 

September 7, 1995 
Along comes an idea and then another idea and then it happened.  When a restaurant came up for sale, a group of visionaries realized this could become the next clubhouse.  Announcement was made of a Special General Meeting on a New Clubhouse.  

Change consideration is driven by the high cost of replacing north wall windows and finding the north wall is shot, air conditioning failing, a non-compliant well which needs drain tile, new sump pit, concrete work, drainage elevation and landscaping. Is it really good to do more repair or has the time arrived for a new clubhouse?  

Acquiring and moving of Bay Family Resturant North could be done at about half the cost of building a new club.  Vote is held: Yes.  What a historic and exciting time for GBYC.  The 3rd Clubhouse would provide a new & expanded home for the Green Bay Yacht Club and its' membership.  After all, at the end of a challenging day on the water, the skipper and crew certainly need a comfortable place to relax and tip a few. 

1995 to 1996   (November 1995, moving begins.)
So it seems to be a good buy and we can move it.  Well.... after we cut it in half we can move it.  Putting it back together???  That might be a little bit harder. 
It seems to fit back together!  :-)   Work is done, the formalities finished, the invitations out, and the festivities ready to begin.  Grand Opening: June 1, 1996.

The New Club...., 
                      Looking Good!

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March 18, 1998
Temporary 2-1/2 week closure of the clubhouse to allow time for a reorganization plan to be developed.  Necessary operation adjustments had to be made as a result of budget overruns with the new clubhouse, unexpected loss of members, and discovery of a theft problem by an employee. 



Check back for updates every now and then.   

Oh,  let us not forget about demolition of the old club.  It's a little bit sad seeing it go.