First Known Green Bay Yacht Club

The 1872 Green Bay 'Yacht' Club

With this first released installment of the yacht club history, the only thing known about the 1st Green Bay 'Yacht' Club is that it existed.

It was incorporated in 1872.
The Articles of Incorporation were executed by:

John C. Seville,
Oliver Libby,
L.J. Day,
W.R. Borwhus ??,
C.P. Robinson,
Louis J Beard,
?? Elmore ??,
George J Percy,
M. Resch,
Xavier Martin,
Geo G. Greisse,
Louis Van Dycke

That's about it for now and more to come hopefully when something more is found.

Source: Register of Deeds for Brown County

Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc.