GBYC 2000s + - Historical Events and Happenings

Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc.

April, 2000
Thoughts of Spring and re-commissioning the boater's Lady of Love is here.  But wait!  The thought of being stuck in the mud in the harbor just isn't going to work.  At a general meeting a heated discussion on the topic of necessary harbor dredging ensued.  A vote is taken tthat authorizes dredging and an immediate $100.00 assessment for all members.  

May 4,  2000

Dredging gets under way to dredge sediment closest to shore.  

April, 2001
Quite an addition to the assets of the Club is the new TravelLift from Marine TravelLift.  This is the 3rd Boat-Lift (2nd TravelLift) that the Club has owned.  The new "Big Blue" comes with many new features and advantages.  Most significant is that we won't be doing as many repairs and this open end design makes it many times easier to accomodate the increasingly larger boats.  New "Big Blue" can turn on a dime too compared to "Old Blue".  "Old Blue" after many proud years of dedicated service has been permanently retired and has left the yard.  Below, "Big Blue" in action earning it's keep.  It's one amazing machine. 


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