Second Known Green Bay Yacht Club

The 1903 Green Bay 'Yacht' Club

This page is included for some clarification and completeness of information.

While there was a previous Green Bay 'Yacht' Club in the early 1900s, there is
no connection between the past Green Bay 'Yacht' Club and today's Green Bay Yachting Club.

The 2nd Green Bay 'Yacht' Club was organized in 1903, incorporated January 26, 1909 as a stock company,
and existed until bankrupcy in about 1920.

Shortly after it's beginning the club was one of the most active groups of its kind in Wisconsin.
There was over 200 enthusiastic members and a luxurious clubhouse just west of the Bay Beach amusement park,
formerly called Bay View Beach.

In 1909 the clubhouse received heavy damage from a severe storm during a major regatta.

A few years later in 1911 another fall storm nearly destroyed the clubhouse which burned sometime later (probably about 1918). Already by 1912 the group, for many different reasons, had mostly disbanded.

Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc.