Sea Scout Ship #541, Bay Verte - and the Green Bay Yachting Club

In 1931 Joe W. DeGroot and J. Gilbert Danz decided to expand Boy Scout Troop 41 so older Scouts could still continue to enjoy Scouting after Boy Scouts. They started the Sea Scout Ship #541. 

Joe DeGroot was the first Skipper and Gil Danz the first Mate. Gil Danz became Skipper in 1934 and committee chairman in 1955 until his death in October of 1986. Cletus Weber took over as Skipper in 1955 when Gil Danz retired as Skipper. Cletus Weber served Sea Scouting for over twenty-five years, and was the longest running skipper. He served as Skipper until his death in July of 1983.

Then Pat Gallagher, Mate, took over as skipper. Pat served for over a year until Dave Andreas took over. Dave served until 1992 when the new skipper, Marty Briggs accepted the position. With the changing times and leadership, young women were able to join the unit for the first time in 1992. Over the years the program has revolved around teaching young adults the values of scouting through safe and proper seamanship.   (Click to see Full Story)

The Sea Scout Ship #541 Charter expired in 1994.
Skipper and crew ready to leave home port for a fun time and competition boating at Bay Jammer in Menominee, Michigan.
Cruising the Fox River passing the railroad bridge by Zeller's Marine.
Picture posing for the local newspaper in Gladstone, Michigan. The Seascouts traveling around in their 65 ft yacht is newsworthy.

Pictured from left to right:
1st Mates: Mitch Weber & Robert Couvillion.
Skipper: Cletus Weber.
Crew: Doug Mullen, Tom Steele,
Mike Skorczewski, Mark Lochman,
& Eugene Goffard.
The Skipper (Cletus Weber) enjoying some well deserved quiet time & eating his cake too.
I'm not sure, but do you think the whole crew is sleeping on watch?
Cruising on the Fox River.
In the background, the Navy Reserve is on the left & the old Blackstone is on the right.

Green Bay Yachting Club, Inc.

John Kennedy,    Tom Haevers,
Traci Briggs,        Stan Bethke,
Bob Haanen,       Steve Vlotho,
Pat Gallagher,     Rich Hermans,

Ted Nielsen 

              Adult Committee:
     Frank Hamachek - Chairman
     Brian Mudd
     Gary Klise
     Bob Vangrunsven
     Roger Gilsoul
     Dave Andreas

              July 12, 1968  -  10:00 am
"The Blessing"  Preparing to leave the port of Green Bay for the annual "Long Cruise". 
Pictured from left to right:
1st Mate:  Robert Couvillion.
Crew:  Doug Mullen, Mike Skorczewski,
  Dan Smith, Tom Steele, Eugene Goffard,
  & Mark Lockman.
Skipper:  Cletus Weber.
Priest:  Rev. James Dillenburg
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